Get information on delivery schedules and shipping charges.

Here’s how your shipping charges will work:

Delivery Charges

Your delivery charges will depend on the products and location of your order. These charges will be displayed during the checkout process.

Shipping TypeOrder ValueShipping ChargeCash on Delivery Charge
Standard deliveryEqual or below AED 80/-AED 40AED 20
Standard deliveryLess than AED 400/-AED 20AED 20
Standard deliveryMore than AED 400/-FREEAED 20
Non Service areaAbove AED 500/-FREEAED 20

Frequently asked questions:-

  1. Do you ship to my city and location?
    We deliver across the UAE except for the free zone and some non-service areas delivery may takes 7-15 working days.
  2. I placed my order today. When will it be delivered?
    We offer 72 hour delivery on purchases above AED 1999 and till 9 pm. This may vary based on the products you have ordered and the location of your order. Delivery will be as per available dates. Delivery date may vary during sales period time.
  3. What happens if I miss a delivery?
    If you are unavailable to collect your delivery, our delivery agent will call you and request you to reschedule. Alternatively, you can call our customer support team on  to schedule a delivery date and time that’s convenient for you.
  4. How can I track my order?
    You can easily check the status of your order and track it using your order number by sending us an email us or whatsapp us +971588245885
  5. What if I receive a damaged product?
    Our manufacturing team has highly specialized quality control measures that ensure the product is up to our standards when you receive the product.

However, we encourage you to check the product for damages as soon as we make the delivery. Please check for all the following items when the product is delivered to you:

  • Check all external surfaces of the product
  • For all products that have to be assembled, please ensure that the delivery team assembles the product so you are sure that all nuts and bolts are present and they fit well
  • For all products that require installation, kindly decide prior to the delivery team’s visit on the exact location in your house where you would want to place your product
  • For all seating products, kindly sit on the item to ensure that the structure is stable with your weight on it Once the product is delivered and our delivery team leaves your location, we will be able to honor only manufacturing defects and other fair usage breakages.

In case you receive a damaged product, please bring it to the notice of the delivery personnel immediately. In case you notice an issue later, please reach out to our customer support team by sending us email on  or Whatsapp us +971588245885 Our team will assess the damage and get back to you within 2 business days. Depending on the extent of damage, we will either repair the product, or offer you a replacement.For any other queries regarding delivery, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team on by sending us email on or whatsapp us +971588245885